Greetings fellow AMA members,


The Athens Model Airplane Club (AMA Charter # 1009) was formed in the 1970's and since the 1980's the club has been flying out of an unimproved field between Greensboro and Watkinsville off GA Hwy-15. Our club has lost access to this field and we are actively looking for a new location to fly.
We know that there are other flying sites or clubs that we could join however we are still interested in maintaining the existence of our current club in a new location. In support of this goal we decided to survey all registered AMA members in our area and find out if there are enough flyers without a club affiliation to support a new flying site.


The establishment of a new flying site will require commitment and financial resources from club members. Site acquisition, preparation, and the construction of flying site amenities takes time and commitment!


Your response will be greatly appreciated, and it will help us decide whether we should dissolve our club or see it grow in a new location.


Please complete the following survey questions:








Do you currently belong to the AMA and do you intend to remain an AMA member for the foreseeable future?
Do you belong to an AMA chartered club? If so which club are you a member of?
If you don’t belong to a club, where do you currently fly your model aircraft?

How often do you fly RC aircraft?


Would you be interested in joining our club and assisting with the development of a new flying site in our area?


What type of model aircraft are you passionate about? Fixed wing, helicopters, multi-rotor, etc.



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